I puchased a piece of history today.

For $13, I found myself the proud owner of an autograph book from 1910. It’s amazing. Many of these people are dead, most of these people went to war, but I have their words right here in front of me.

It only takes a little plot
To sow a seed of forget me not

D Gibson

Some people drew cartoons or sketches instead of write poems or messages.

May your path be strewn with roses
And your husband meek as Moses

J. M. Woodd

And still some more people painted little watercolour scenes in it.

Algy met a bear
The bear was bulgy
Where was Algy?

E Massy

And this one’s pretty:

Look always on the Sunny side
‘Twill make us happier far,
Why should we try to find the cloud
When brightly shines the star?
Some people see the world
As through a smoky glass
They go halfway to meet the glow
And let the sunshine pass

L. C. Lee

I bought a postcard too. It was a picture of a sailing ship on it. It’s painted.

Some go to church to meet a lover
Some go to church their thoughts to cover
Some go there to wink a nod
Few go there to worship God.

C. Warren

Sad ne? Oh dear, I’ve started talking like Mystery/Clare.

It was a winters night
A man stood on the street
His eyes were full of tears
And his feet were full of feet

Edith Taylor
July 4th 1913

And this is the last one, my favourite.

“Go to father”, she said
When I asked her to wed,
And she knew that I knew
That her father was dead,
And she knes that I knew
The life he had led,
And she knew what she meant
When she said “go to father.”

M. Wood



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