Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

Who remembers that nursery rhyme? I revelled in the memory, and then realised that the last time I heard it was at that very boring English lecture at Sydney Uni. Pffft.

Well, I just got back from Currarong today. It was the same as last year, really. This is what happened.

Week One

Nothing happened.

My family was there, and so were Philip and Georgia’s friends, Chris and Danielle. Mystery was also supposed to be there, but she got sick :'(. Sorry Mysty.

Anyway, there was very little happening.

I came home again for work on Thursday, and a Stive thing on Friday, and then wne tback to the hole of the south coast.

Week Two

The second week proved to be much more interesting. yay!! Chris and Danielle went home and new company arrived in the form of the Mallin family (with children Claire, my age, and Stephen, Philip’s age) and the Chamberlain family (with children Annette, my age, and Christie, going into year 10). Hooray for company.

Our days were filled with Beach, canoe, board game and movie. Too many chick flicks. I am ashamed. Here I will reveal my shameful movie viewings:
10 Things I hate about you
Miss Congeniality
Kate and Leopold
Legally Blonde
A Knight’s Tale (a chick flick because Heath Legder is in it)
Blue Crush (TWICE!!! Feel the shame…)
Bridget Jones’ Diary

And do you know what is more shameful? I enjoyed some of them! But I didn’t enjoy Blue Crush that much, so that is alright. The only good part of blue crush was the way they filmed waves from underwater, and they curled around and looked pretty. We only watched it twice because Claire and Christie liked it that much.

Coming home today was blessed. We drove home via kangaroo valley and stopped to look in the many antique and lolly shops. Yay!! And I found my dream shop. Really. None of Newtown’s secondhand bookshops can compare. The walls were strewn with old ads, you know, the ones painted on metal. There were crates of numberplates. There were ringbinders full of ads taken from old magazines. There were bookshelves of old hardcovers. And there was a whole table covered in boxes of old, old postcards. I bought two – one from Japan with a geisha, and one with Russian writing on it, both from the early 1900’s. It made me depressed, because I wanted to own the whole shop, but couldn’t. Dangnamit.

Oh joy. I’m not going to reflect on the bad things of today!

Seeing Jon tomorrow. Yay!


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