Today was Sunday

It was sunday, but I wasn’t at work! Why? Because they replaced me! Now I work Saturday instead! Longer hours, more cleaning, and no more time and a half pay! I am royally pissed off. Grrrrr.

To make me feel better, I went to the city with Jon. We went to the rocks and looked at the markets and walked over the harbour bridge and it was all lovely. Hooray!

Church was tres fun. The sermon was on the Ethiopian Eunuch story, and I like that story. So that was good. The service on the whole though, was a bit disorientating, because the church building’s getting renovated, and we had our service in the hall. There were no drums, so the music sounded weird and we weren’t sitting on pews.

Everyone was there except Jaz and WeiLi, both of whom are somewhere in south east asia. Once again, we ended up in the kitchen. Gus wore a saucepan on his head and cried out “I am a pot head”, and I was hysterical, because I am crazy. Chris and I ended up with much dirty dishwater and drinking chocolate on our shirts.

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