Today was Georgia’s first day of high school. But I can’t tell you anything about how that went. This is because she got angry at me for telling her how proud I was many many times, and to punish me, she has barely said anything to me all afternoon.

Today was also the day of PP@AD!!! Also known as Pool and Pool at Andrew and Dan’s. It was the second of our much looked forward to STIVE gatherings. And it was lots of fun. Hooray. For me, the day started off dodgy. I got to Dan’s house half an hour early, just after Dan and Ken had left to get food. So I was in the house with Andrew and Tom, but Tom was still asleep (we didn’t see him ’til around 11 o’clock). It was sort of awkward at fisrt, seeing as I haven’t really talked to him very much, but he’s very nice, and the time went quickly. Dan and Ken appeared with food, and then Sarah appeared and we tried to make punch. Unsuccessfully. It tasted very weird.

It ended up being a crazy group there. Aside from people who normally come to these things (Me, Ken, Jon, Dan, Sarah), there was Tim, Joyce, Gavin and Addison. From year 9 Michael and Andrew and David from year 7. We went swimming and played lots of Kelly Pool (for some reason mine was always the first ball sunk…). And I played normal pool with Sarah, who beat me. No suprises of course… I have no Pool skills.

Afterwards, when people started going, the leaders stayed back to organise next year. It’s a bit harder organising talks and all that without Chris, we didn’t notice it last year cause we had all those guest speakers. But Dan and Tim want to fill in some gaps now that they don’t have the SRC President/Vice President commitments anymore. Yay!

Today was lovely. The best part was when Michael and I, put out by our poor performances in Kelly Pool sat outside with Antiskeptic turned up fairly loud, pretending we were drumming and singing loudly (and badly). My singing doesn’t sound bad at all compared to his! He’s very much a legend. Hooray for lovely friends. All of them. I’m smiling at the thought of everyone who makes me laugh.


One thought on “PP@AD

  1. ex_absurditi6

    Georgia and Ellen called out to me from the other side of the street this morning. They looked very excited about being at Big Girl School. Hopefully their spirits will be broken soon, so they won’t suffer intellectual heartbreak later in their school life.


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