And today was…

…Heavy. Today was heavy. The air sat on everything.
Mystery was away. Again. Stupid. You said you were better!

But some good things happened. Seeing our powerpoint for Bio. Flynn is so ingenious. It’s all very exciting.

This afternoon, I went to Summer Hill.

I got off the train and three year 10 guys (Leo, Dane and Art, if anyone knows who they are) got off the train with me, jigging sport, I guess. They were going to the skate park. Anyway, they were walking down the platform with me and started talking to me, something that hasn’t happened before. Art said “Hey, you’re Anna’s sister, aren’t you.” I’m not Anna’s sister. They didn’t believe me. They said that I was a bad liar, because I look exactly like her.

My destination was the retro store to see if Dad’s thing was still there. I haven’t bought it yet, but I did by two single records – Zorba’s dance and Monty Python’s “I Like Chinese”, which is rascist. The song on the other side isn’t rascist, though. I talked a bit with the retro store lady about collecting old stuff, and when I mentioned postcards, she disappeared upstairs and came back with 5 first-day postcards (Australia Post sometimes puts out postcards when they release new stamps). One of them was a strictly ballroom one! Anyway, she gave them to me as a present, because she said that no one really goes to her shop to buy postcards.

I’m sorry I didn’t visit you Mystery. I had to get home and de-sweat myself. Today was bad weather indeed. But i guess tomorrow will be too. I wish it would rain.

New story:

Last Friday, at Stive, I overheard Michale Condie talking to monica about how he was distantly related to Jane Austen, being a relative of her brother. Of course, I found him out today, and after my confession to eavesdropping, he confirmed that, yes, he shares blood with the legendary Jane Austen. I really don’t know what to say. 😀


2 thoughts on “And today was…

  1. parsnip

    *is stunned that someone thinks “I like Chinese” is racist*

    Hehe, see where you’re coming from there to be fair: you need to follow it up with “Never Be Rude to an Arab”. It will restore your faith in the Almighty Holy Sextet of Comic Genius.

    PS: Why do all the people you know have the best names in the world? It’s not fair! I don’t think I know anyone with an interesting name… I once knew a girl called “Misty Dawn Harbour”, kinda sounds like a landscape painting. Other than that, all my peeps are pretty samey.

    *runs of to collect a more exotic social circle*


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