“Yes, dear. Gome home directly, and take care of yourself, so that you may be fit for this evening!”

Today I was sick, in perhaps a Mary Musgrive fashion. That’s not to say that I imagined my sickness, but I think I made it worse by feeling sorry for myself. By Second period, history, my vision was going all splotchy, and we were reading off overheads, which was eventually very painful, it was hard to make out the words. By roll call, I had an awful headache, like someone was sawing my skull. I declined two offers of panadol, stupidly. But I eventually gave in and took some of Nick Leung. Not that it did much.

I finally went to the sick bay during Geography and slept through to lunch. I woke up then cause it got really noisy. Not that I minded, I was feeling better by then. I had two lots of visitors. Ken, Tim and Dan came first. I was supposed to be with them, talking to Mr Gray about STIVE stuff, but obviously, I was in no state to go. They stayed and talked a bit though. They made me laugh, especially Dan. They wouldn’t come in at first, because the sign on the door said Clinic – Girls. Then Dan came up with the ingenious idea of covering the sign with his hand, and the others came in. They were funny. I laugheds til my head hurt again.
They disappeared and then Mysty, Jon, Steson and Monica came. They are darlings. Mystery gave me a blanket. Thankyou!! You are beautiful!

So, I got better, and ended up having a really relaxing day, because I didn’t do much work, and got an hours sleep in the middle of it. Being sick can be enjoyable!

We had another Stive leaders thing this arvo with Me, Mary, Ken, Dan and Jon. It was so much fun. I love those guys, just talking with them makes all problems go away. There are always answers when we talk about stuff. It’s wonderful.

And Philip’s been good this arvo too, I think because Georgia’s away on camp. Yay! Quiet house!!!! 😛


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