You may be the finest apple – but not everyone likes apples…

Well three cheers for my last performance at Town Hall. Which was crap indeed, being as it was a performance of many out of tune and wrong notes. Alas.

Speech day this year was actually enjoyable. 5:00am start. Riding a bus in the twilight, except it was morning twilight. Yeah, watching the sun rise from a bus window is hopefully not something I will experiemce very often. And carrying a timpani by myself – Stong woman!! – and OH OH the year 12 green room. This deserves a paragraph for itself:

Since year 9, the first year I was performing for Speech Day, we have craved the shelter of the Year 12 room, the private, lounge-chaired, televisioned room, apart from the noise of the larger dressing room. And finally, after the many years of waiting, we could call it our own. It was wonderful.

The actual speech day part went faster than normal. Making paper cranes helped pass the time. The speeches were nothing special, except for some drivel about apples and bananas at the end of the guest speaker’s speech. What was she talking about?

The best part was undoubtedly after I got my prize. I didn’t really go back on stage right away, preferring to sit in the year 12 room and talk to Chris and Nadia, some year 10’s and the new conductors (who are very nice, although not as good as Phil). We danced to the stage band music. It was so nice down there, until J.O. came and chased us back on stage.

After speech day was tres fun. I had lunch with Chris, Jon, Ken and Flynn, because some stupid people decided not to wait around for us while we packed up. And then we saw a movie, One Perfect Day, or something like that.

Apologies to the Muse crew, the movie was an essential speech day thing to do. I still love you dearly and will attempt to make amends by bringing photos next week.

Yes. The movie was Australian, but it wasn’t too bad. The plot left something to be desired, but the filming and music was great, in my humble opinion. Flynn’s not so humble opinion was obvious as soon as it finished. It was a load of crap. But then, this is what he says about every movie.

We had ice cream and ran into Camille, Masha and Renata. Hooray for a joyous day. Whoo!


9 thoughts on “You may be the finest apple – but not everyone likes apples…

  1. ex_absurditi6

    oh dear, we didn’t find out you weren’t coming, because lucy wasn’t there either! she was sick at the last minute and left a message on my phone, but alas! i never check my phone!
    it’s okay, and i’m glad you had an enjoyable afternoon.
    see you next week? and, are you going to kate’s baptism?

    1. quelle_fromage

      you are forgiven. this time. just joshing. did elly tell ya about her smooth moves at learning the owners names? NOW we are real regulars.
      anyhoo, back at the ranch…yes. my baptism. come. did you get the letter?

      1. Alison Post author

        I didn’t get a letter, but I am definately wishing to come. And Alicia wants to come too. And Jasmine. And so we’re goignt o get Jared to come. The only hitch is getting there, but it’ll all work out. So, yes, details needed…

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