Let’s get retarded

Whoo for tap! It is so much fun, even though it’s frustrating when I can do it and my legs feel like jelly until Friday morning.

Today was joyous, except that Carolyn is back. It’s not to say I don’t like Carolyn. She’s nice. But she holds up the class heaps. She’s a lady, probably almost into her 50’s, and doesn’t really get much that Fiona teaches us. I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but it’s like teaching an old dog new tricks. She dances like a broadway musical, which isn’t really what Fiona is teaching us.

But apart from the hinderances of Carolyn, it was so much fun. We learnt new pick-up things, which are really hard and I feel really awkward doing them, but they look really good when Fiona does them. Alas.

Our dance is to a song called “Let’s get retarded” or something like that. It makes me nostalgic for Tracey. Except they don’t say retard the way she does. 😥 So yes, after adding bits onto the dance and doing it over and over, Fiona changed the music to some Britney stuff. Sorry if you’re reading this, Martin, but I have very low tolerance for Britney and wasn’t looking forward to it. But it was GREAT. The music was faster and heaps heavier, exactly like how we were dancing, and I just wanted to keep going until I dug myself into the ground with the very loud and heavy noises we were making. Aiyi! ‘s’not fair, I wanted to keep going!

Sorry for being boring and only talking about something which perhaps only Kate really understands or cares about anyway.

I’ll give you something to comment about: Georgia auditioned for the Performing Arts Unit Dance Ensemble, and got a call back. Her second audition is on Friday. It’s all very exciting.


2 thoughts on “Let’s get retarded

  1. albatrossy

    I’m not reading your DJ because there is no entry as recently as this.
    But yes, congrats to your sis, and i hope it goes much well. good luck to her.
    Yay for crazy dancing
    bye bye


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