Save Australian Bananas

A very absurd incident happened at work today. A lady protested at our fruit shop. But she wasn’t a normal protesting person. Her performance lasted 5 minutes, she didn’t say a word. She was holding a huge sign saying “Save Australian Bananas”, and she stood outside the shop for two minutes, and then she walked around the shop, bought some fruit (locally grown, I bet) and walked away, still holding the sign above her head. She didn’t seem at all passionate about imported produce. She said nothing, not even to the checkout girl serving her. It was very very odd.

In anticipation of Kate’s P Party, here is a list of things that would be funny, but difficult to dress up as:

A Pendulum
A Particle
A Planet
A Passport
A Pencil
Paul Keating
The Parthenon
A Pedal
A Pentagon
A Payphone
A Pez Dispenser

Sorry for wrecking anyone’s suprise costume. It would actually by quite funny if someone did dress up as one of these. I can imagine that the Payphone could be possible. I present this challenge to Eleanor, because i bet she could do it.


5 thoughts on “Save Australian Bananas

      1. Alison Post author

        I was intending to keep it secret, so i’ll post it up here 😉 I’m going as Product Placement (but don’t tell anyone. I am going to wear many brands and caually mention brands that i cannot wear in my conversation and have an oversized Visa Card on a string around my neck. Whoo!

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