Oh Dear

Well today I went to see The Passion after school. I was really stressed beforehand, because I knew it would be really gory – and I was scared during Bladerunner, which we watched during 3rd period. As well as that, I was going by myself, because everyone else would still be at school/had already seen it/was going to TAFE/didn’t want to see it. But in Geo., Brian said he’d go with me, and then Alfred, Daniel and Lillian were also going, so there ended up being a small contingent of us, which was good.

Not much detail is going to be said about the actual movie except that it was so intense, I’m still feeling weird. And it’s the only movie I’ve come out of unable to say anything about. Because my mind was in absolute turmoil. I was so happy, and so sad.

I will say this though: IMO, the best part was certainly the temple coming apart. 😀 God is awfully clever.


One thought on “Oh Dear

  1. albatrossy

    Cool! much cool. I saw u leave with Brian, so thats good ^_^
    anyway im hoping to be able to go see it 2moro, hopefully, maybe, if i could be bothered. but anyway bye bye
    love ya


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