Well well…

Have had a mama day. Free period was good, spent entire time redaing very interesting Persuasion essay instead of doing maths homework! yay!

Biology pissed me off so much. We were learning about mitosis and meiosis, and we had to show the steps with pipecleaners. Ms Eastment was using her normal teaching method. This is that we actually find out everything ourselves by reading textbooks, instead of just asking her for the answers. As Flynn remarked earlier today, that works in theory, and has worked so far this term, but today Flynn and i were trying to work out how and why the whole cell dividing process starts. We had three textbooks and not one of them explained it to us – either they used too many scientific words we do not yet know, or didn’t address it at all. So we asked Ms Eastmen for help, and she said:
“you have three textbooks. Find it yourself. I’m not giving you the answers.”
We tried to decipher them again. And we couldn’t so we asked again. And she answered the same. To which I replied (foolishly):
“I don’t understand it! You’re a crap teacher! You;re supposed to help us!”

Of course that was not a good thing to say. And I will have to apologise tremendously tomorrow. I’m feeling very guilty. But so pissed off, because I still don’t understand! Damn, I am going to fail biology exam… Stupid Ms Eastment… the thing is, though, she’s really nice. Just really bad at teaching. Sort of like Mr Yalichev…



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