This entry is dedicated to two compositions which have been in my head for a great part of the day. I really should be doing my Geography assessment/english groupwork/history homework/maths studying but I have decided to sacrifice my HSC for the time being.

Exhibit one is a scene from You’ve Got Mail, one of my favourites. Tom Hanks is in the gym with his obligatory black friend, and they’re running on the treadmills watching a news report on the competition between his and Meg Ryan’s businesses.

On the TV
Tom Hanks (on the TV): I sell cheap books, I do, so sue me.
Cut to news reporter
News Reporter: And that, in a nutshell, is the Fox Books philosophy.

Cut to Tom Hanks and Black Friend on treadmills
Black Friend: That’s what you said?
Tom Hanks (Looking very very angry): Yeah, but that’s not all I said!
Black Friend looks bemused
Tom Hanks: I told them how great we were, I showed them the New York writer’s section, I told them you could sit and read all day and no one would bother you! I told them we were a Goddamn piazza! A place in the city where people could mix and mingle and be!
Black Friend: A piazza?
Tom Hanks: I was eloquent! Shit!

Exhibit two is Flynn’s set of Haiku, which he told Mysty and I earlier this week in Biology.

Autumn leaves falling
Crimson on the white pavement
Chainsaw massacre

A chainsaw cutting
Thrashing through bone and sinew
Serenity now

Hope you enjoyed.


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