Today I am officially a checkout chick, my training is finished and I can sell people every type of fruit, except pears, which are still very very confusing to tell the difference between.

Did anyone know that you can eat fennel? Isn’t fennel a lovely word?

Lunch was very out of the ordinary. I went to my usual lunch place (the in the Westfield foodcourt, around the corner from subway), but my favourite window seat was taken. So I sat at the only table left, which provided me with views of a couple at one table, and a man at my window table.

The couple, I wouldn’t watch, I had to give them privacy. But they were lovely anyway. They were an older couple, in the thirties, I imagine. And I liked them because, unlike the younger couples one generally sees in Burwood, they weren’t trying to go as far as they could without actually having sex on the table. They looked very happy and very much in love. No trying to feel each other up though, which was very good.

The man at my table, I could watch as much as I wanted. I was there for twenty minutes, and the entire time, he was siting with his chair turned away from the table, towards the window, lost in his own thoughts. It was raining. I was so damn jealous! I wanted to be at that table! I wanted to be able to sit for more than twenty minutes! I wanted to be lost in my own thoughts! I wanted to watch the rain! But seeing as I couldn’t do these things, I watched the man instead (he didn’t notice), and I felt happy enough for him.

I’m home now, of course, and am not allowed to go to church. Mum said “No buts!!” when I tried explaining that I’ve studied heaps already for exams tomorrow.

Mum: “No Church! I want you to study and then I want you to sleep!”
Me: “But Mum, I studied for hours yesterday. I don’t think that taking two hours out of tonight’s studying is really going to make a difference. And I had 10 hours sleep lasyt night and a two hour nap yesterday afternoon. I am not tired.”
Mum: “No Buts!!!”

And look at me. I’m neither studying or sleeping. I am writing in my livejournal. She doesn’t seem to care about that. Obviously, keeping an online diary is much more interesting and beneficial than going to church.


By the way, me having 2 hours nap and 12 hours sleep is perfectly true. And it was great fun too. I strongly recommend it.


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