I’m home, alas, if only I were back in YHA Katoomba discussing the meaning of life, playing the m&m game w/out m&ms and wondering whether one could self-inflict hickeys with a vacuum cleaner, which is what happened last night.

Kyckstart was fantastic, as it was last year. The talks were brilliant. There was so much to learn, so many profound ideas and so much to stop and think about. And the group we went with, they were great. This morning, we squished all 71 of us into the front room and threw opinions and thoughts around and then prayed together, all of us.

It was great running into people. I randomly ran into Sarah and Leah, and then randomly ran into Mary, Tracy, Joyce and Victoria (they were also staying in our hostel, so we ran into each other twice as much). And then I randomly ran into Dan and Andrew. It took my three days to randomly run into Brad. I didn’t see Ming.

However, I saw Ming on the big screen. Last night, was the night where youth groups went up and talked about stuff they’d done, and showed videos. Burwood Presbyterian (Mary, Joyce, Victoria, Tracy and Ming’s church) went up, and Ming and Joyce were interviewed on a random Kyckstart video, and there were shots of the wonderful James Fong too. Whoooo! I know celebrities!!!

There was so much that was excellent, but I don’t know what to pick out and what to leave. So I’ll drop off here.

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