Excursion was made of foul

Well the excursion today was not very good. Most people had stayed up til the early hours of the morning finishing english, and so were not too responsive to what we learnt today. Everyone looked like they’d fall over everytime we stopped anywhere and sleep on the footpath. Walking all over Pyrmont and trying to absorb HSC material is not good to do first day of term, on the day a large assignment is due.

I walked home from the station and ran down Trevaner st to catch up with Kate, who was getting on the bus. She is very very wonderful, and so is Marie! If you read this Kate, remember that you are excellent.

But today’s adventure was dancing. I was waiting in the foyer with Jess and this man came in, looking like he’d come straight from a fancy accounting job or something like that to pick up his daughter. Imagine our surprise when he took out a pair of tap shoes!

Fiona’s given us male teachers before, and we’ve had adults (both male and female) in our class before, we we assumed that he’d be just like any other male tap dancer we’d danced with – enthusiastic, talented, and probably gay.

As soon as we started, we realised this was not the case (although he could’ve been gay. Not quite sure yet). We were simply stretching our ankles, rolling them around and all that. he couldn’t do it. It was like his leg was straight from his hip to his toe. Once we started making noise, it was apparent he’d never tapped before in his life. He was exactly like a plank of wood, except that he slouched. He looked very uncomfortable.

I felt really sorry for him. I bet he is the victim of our greedy dance school owners. I bet he came and said “I want to learn how to tap dance,” and instead of the dance school owners saying “We don’t have beginners classes for adults, why don’t you go to another dancing school?”, they said “We want more customers and we want to take your money, so join this open class where everyone their has been tapping for at least 6 years.”

He was probably someone going through a middle age crisis who thought “I’ve always had a secret longing to learn how to tap dance like Fred Astaire. Half my life is gone. i’d better start now.” What a shame he’s been plunged into it with us.


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