I’m very in between happy and sad. Today was much good, what with Veggie Tales, and the Muse, and most periods being times of bludging etc. But Ken was in a very quiet (a few times, scarily quiet) mood, which is distressing, especially on a Friday. So that was eerie.

But still, many good things were today. Like in jokes. Like in jokes with Flynn about Peter. Poor Peter. I should stop making fun of him. But he asks for it.

And dancing with Clare to the art room. And dancing outside the art room for Clare’s benefit. Until MS dadour appeared, that is. *scary woman*

First best friend: Tess Woods *love to her*
First car: zero
First real kiss: Jon
First break-up: zero
First screen name: Hazel
First self purchased album: Spice Girls and Corrs (at the same time, they were – I had lots of birthday money!)
First funeral: zero
First pets: Bubbles the fish, which I accidentally starved to death.
First piercing/tattoo: Ears, with disasterous fainting like results.
First credit card: I have a “debit” card. Which isn’t the same thing, I don’t think.
First true love: Jon
First enemy: zero!
First big trip: Fiji
First music you remember hearing in your house: Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (this is a lame 80’s band, but that song is something I like very much)

Last cigarette: zero (again)
Last car ride: um. Oh, Compliments of the Randall family.
Last kiss: Some time today.
Last good cry: can’t remember
Last library book checked out: Persuasion study guide *hehe*
Last movie seen: Passion of the Christ or One Perfect Day, can’t remember.
Last beverage: water
Last food consumed: moderately tasty self saucing chocolate pudding.
Last phone call: Oh dear, I can’t remember.
Last time showered: last night.
Last shoes worn: Ug boots
Last item bought: On Koorong shopping spree – Veggie Tales video, The Screwtape Letters and The Case for Christ (the cheaper version)
Last annoyance: finding out that my pudding tasted worse than I wanted it to.
Last time wanting to die: Earlier today. But not because I hate this life, I’m just looking forward to the next one.
Last time scolded: I was wordlessly scolded for coming home late from the Muse. Does that count?

I have netball tomorrow, and I have as much fitness as a barrel of lard. Oh dear.


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