I am angry because I’m missing today already

Today was glorious.

I was at school early to talk to Ken, who is a legend in every way. It was a good start, although awkward, and it made me feel much better about everything for the rest of the day. After that was our prayer meeting, which is always good.

Then came a day of which i have not had the likes of for a long time:

~Mr Bayas didn’t show up to maths = no exam = 50 minutes of hackey sack
~Biology was in the computer room = playing games = Flynn sort of gatecrashing Pemberley.com
~Recess = more hackey sack
~Ms Gilbert didn’t show up for english = 50 minutes of boxes and scategories
~Ms Ireland didn’t show up for geography = reading newspaper = more hackey sack
~STIVE = spontaneous games = Dan’s first talk = fantastic
~Video in history = Brain sleep
~Free period!!!


After school we had our leader’s meeting, and I swear, I have the coolest friends. I love them , because they make me laugh and they have answers to everything.

And then, to the Muse, to meet some more cool friends.

I am certainly blessed with them.

Charlie made a quiz thing for me, a Jane Austen Hero one, but everytime I didn it, I got crap people, like Frank Churchill and William Collins. So I made my own. And look who I got (With no tampering – honest!!!)>>>

Who is your Jane Austen hero? by spally
Mood IncensedJoyousWorriedTranquilQuiet
Your Hero is Captain Frederick Wentworth
His most quoted quote “You pierce my soul”
You will live at Netherfield
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Oooh! And I worked out how to post this up!

Take the Quiz here!


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