Guess who understands Polypeptide Synthesis? I DO! My tip to any other floundering Fort Street bio students: Read Mr Talbot’s crap textbooks, because suddenly they are no longer crap. Oh how could I doubt you, Mr Talbot? Alas, thou art gone from our lives and it is too late to ammend the past.

Yesterday was so beautifully brilliant. I love Fridays. I think they are fantastic. There is prayer, always with brilliant people. There is STIVE, where every week, without fail, God does something excellent. And the Leader’s meeting after school, with the guys+Mary, and and and the Muse!!! I realise that fridays are so fantastic because they are chockers full of people I love.

Aqua Golf/Krispy Kreme was brilliant too. The Narwee church people are really really cool. When can I see you again?

Netball: My little team’s second win! We have 5 points on the score board!!

Tee hee! I feel like dancing a little!


2 thoughts on “Hooray!!

  1. martn

    omygod!! i love you for doing Bio!!! i love bio!! ^__^

    POLYPEPTIDE SYNTHESIS!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ^_____^ transcription . . translation . . mRNA, tRNA, codons, ANTI CODONS!!!
    *gets really excited*

    gah!! shoot me now for i am a freak . .

  2. albatrossy

    Indeed, fridays are most fabulous =)
    Guess who doesnt’ understand Polypeptide Synthesis? thatd be ME!!!!!! but ill dance anyway, *joins in the dancing =)* lol


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