That’s why we praise him!

Well, here is some good news.

After all the praying for my family, God’s finally been working. Tonight, we had a service which was held in the hope that people would bring friends. I wanted to bring my brother and sister. Philip seemed not that keen because he didn’t want to give up sunday night. Georgia on the other hand, was willing to go.

I ran into my friend WeiLi on the way home from our history excursion on Tuesday, and told him about it. He said he’d pray for it. I told Ken about it. He said he’d pray too.

In the end, though Georgia didn’t end up coming, she was too tired. But Philip said he’d like to come, even though he wasn’t sure if any of the people he knew would be there. Well they weren’t but he didn’t care. WeiLi was really nice, he talked to him and joked with him. Philip came home full of stories about what had happened and who he had met. He told mum that he was going to church next week. Needless to say, mum didn’t look that pleased.

Some girls that Georgia was friends with were there, and they wanted to know where she was. They want her to come next week.

God is tremendous, and I really should stop worrying.

3 thoughts on “That’s why we praise him!

  1. albatrossy

    that’s why we sing,
    that’s why we offer him our everything!
    thatt’s why we bow down,
    and worship this king
    cause he gave his everything
    cause he gave his everything.

    anyway very cool, much prayer, love lots.


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