Well Michael led his first stive-related thing today. He jumped into the deep end, with a discussion focused on suffering. And he pretty well pulled it off. So that is fantastic.

I went to Bio afterwards, and Michael went past our classroom. I went out to give him a high-five (as I am much in the habit of doing, why am I such a loser?) and a hug and congratulations. Along come Art and Leo (his friends):

“Whooooooo! Michael’s got a girlfriend!”
Alison retreats into laboratory doorway.
Leo: “Are you going out with Michael?”
Alison: *Pauses* *Nods with best look of seriousness she can muster*

They were on the bus into the city, and I was heaps mean to Leo for being a dero. And then seven of us (including the yr 10’s) ended up spening the busride doinging Brad’s Quick Crossword and Target from the SMH.

The city was nice. Jon and I walked with Brad to Circular Quay. Brad and I sang all the way there. They were church songs. It was wonderful to praise God up George st, although we were probably coming across as mental. Jon and I read the paper in that grassy area next to MCA. Twas nice.

My talk for Friday is written, and hopefully will be OK. I’ve used a different passage than the one Ken gave me (if you read this, Sarah, it’s the one I compained about in your DJ). But it’ll work. If I was supposed to say something else, it would’ve worked out that way.

What else was fantastic about today?

>Elwin’s Birthday (Happy Birthday!)
>Tim’s Birthday (Happy Birthday!)
>Drama in Biology
>Ultra Crazy Wind Ensemble (with about 17 people there – no trumpets…)
>Ken brought Lebanese Bread from the place that sells the tastiest Lebanese Bread in the world.


One thought on “

  1. albatrossy

    sounds awesome. gotta love those random fasbulous songs. michael was pretty good, although he seemed a bit nervous, poor guy, but yeah, twas good.
    how tasty was that bread, mmmm.
    anyway cya later, bye byes


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