A Day of Laughs: An excerpt from the life of Alison – one who is truly reformed

I have been changed. Changed for the better. This week, my life gained extra clarity. It dawned on me that I know no maths. I know nothing about J Edgar Hoover. I know very little on how we maintain a balance and search for better health. I know hardly anything about an Aristotelian interpretation of King Lear, or telling the truth. And I must very earnestly revise Urban Places and People and Economic Activity.

So, on Monday, I began quite a lot of study. Several pages of maths, and several pages of bio. Tuesday – pages of J Edgar. I feel as a fount of knowledge. Ask me anything – Corporate control of the media? OK. Mendelian Ratios? OK. Vertical integration? OK. Trigonometric functions? OK.

I just hope this stream of study enthusiasm keeps up.

Today was excellent in many places. I had quite a relaxing free period with Tiffany and Sophia doing the SMH puzzles.

English was quite beautiful. I cut a picture of an aged rock star (Kevin Borich – has anyone heard of this man until today?)out of the sydney Magazine and put it in the photo window of Brad’s wallet. Needless to say, he was a bit freaked out when he saw an old man with his gaudy yellow shirt unbuttoned lounging in his wallet. After some quite amusing arguments about it, Kevin was ripped into pieces. But I glued him toegther and stored him away for later.

At the bus stop, Brad was ambushed by a larger picture of Kevin. From then on, things got worse for Kevin. His larger picture was attacked – stabbed in many placed and scrawled all over – from Leichhardt to Annandale. At Central, the smaller picture was ripped. Again.

This picture is now restored as best as possible, and you all have a chance to see Kevin in his glory.

Today was my last official class at Dorothy Cowie, but we’ve hatched a plan in which we can keep dancing without having to pay anyone. We are so smart!!

Yay! Time to study!!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Laughs: An excerpt from the life of Alison – one who is truly reformed

  1. martn

    hehehehe . . .”SMH”. i hope you meant to write SHM =P

    Aristotelian reading of King Lear . . is that the one based on Aristotle stating that “tragic heroes result from a tragic flaw”?


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