Hooray for everything!

Twas a jolly good evening. I arrived as the Grim Reaper, and my face was concealed behind black fabric, so no one could tell who I was. I didn’t say anything for 5 minutes, and I was freaking Jen out, and no one could tell if I was a PLC girl or a St James girl, or whether I was, in fact, a girl at all. Jen was Cho Chang from Harry Potter. WeiLi was an Ass and came as nothing, and wouldn’t let us dress him up as Harry Potter anyway. Our plans for him and Jen seem doomed, with everything now set out for Jen and her friend Jonathan. Alas.
Gus was Hutch. Lucy came as a random Harry Potter student. Jackie was Arwen. Felix came in a funny hat. Etc.

I went bike riding today, because I needed a break from the miniscule amount of studying I did. I went along the river towards Homebush. By South Strathfield, I was getting a bit hot, and a bit crazy. You see, Ellen was over at our house today, and she and Georgia bought icecreams. Ellen had one of those Oasis ones. I’ve never had one before. And as I was riding, I thought “I need one of them.” The problem was, there are no shops that sell icecreams along the section of bike track I was on.

At Strathfield Golf course, I should have turned around and gone back the way I came, but I thought that I would instead go and find my icecream. I foolishly left the flat floodplain of the Cooks River and set off over the hills in search of a mixed business store.

I started following the red line in Ashbury. At Strathfield, instead of following the red line back home, I went along the blue line, getting lost in Enfield. Hooray!

After all that, I couldn’t find one until I got back into my own suburb. And they didn’t sell Oasis icecreams!!! I had to be content with a bottle of coke!! Stupid Mixed Business stores! Stupid icecream!


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