I am a loser

Here: I vent.

I am home now, and I’m not feeling too happy. Queensland is very beautiful as long as it is covered in rainforest, but everything else was less impressive. The reef looked so tired, like it was about to crumble, and the tourists were everywhere. The locals depend so entirely on them. But they’re so bad, they go everywhere and trample everything, and it’s just a whole lot of consumerism and trampling of reef and forest. If I had my way, I would minimise the number of reef trips, cut it down to maybe one a week, but then, I guess, it would put a massive hole in the economy. I hate the way that money and environmental health work against each other.

But, yes, the forest was breathtaking. You could tell it was old, just a look, and they seemed older than anything the Amazon could produce. I’m going to stop talking about it, though, because whatever I say will definately fall short.

I missed everyone, though. And it was not much of a consolation to come home and find that not only have I missed Chris and Tiff’s birthdays, but Tim’s and Elwin’s too. And I really wanted to see everyone, but I only saw Jon and the Stive people right at the start of the week, and I haven’t seen knell and I haven’t seen mysty and I feel like a social recluse now.

And the whole problem of missing a week of study, with the trials in a week. It’s too late to try past papers now, I don’t have anymore three hour blocks of time once school starts, so I’m just going to have to keep reading and notes I guess.

yeah, alpha+beta = -b/a, alphaxbeta = c/a
h/3[y0 + yn + 2(even y’s) + 4(odd y’s)]
h/2[y0 + yn + 2(other y’s)]
pi*integration sign* x squared
f'(x) = 0 ~ stationary point
f'(x) > 0 ~ curve is increasing?
f'(x) 0 ~ minimum
f”(x) < 0 ~ maximum

please correct me if necessary, because that would be good.

I REALLY want to go to Blackstump.


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