Hooray for Musicals

My mum was watching a musical called The Opposite Sex this afternoon, and I wish I’d seen more of it. Oh well. I am content with what I did see. There was a hilarious song called Rock and Roll Tumbleweed, which was sung towards the end by a cowboy looking for his break as a singer. The film was made just before the official beginning of Rock and Roll. And this song, it was country stuff, about the prairies and stuff, when suddenly the chourus erupted with rock and roll chord progressions. I don’t know how an acoustic guitar, fiddle and piano accordian managed to sound like the beginnings of such an important musical phenomenon, but they did, and they sounded crap beyond my wildest dreams. Mum and I were beside ourselves, laughing at their awfulness, and at the same time managing to appreciate the history of it. It was a lovely moment.

Georgia (the one from my little netball team, not my sister), doesn’t have anything ridiculous like German Measels after all. Yay! But I’m not allowed to have her play a whole game. Alas. At least she’s not going to be sick forever or anything like that.

+ Pemberley is open again
+ 😀 Oversized grins for Eleanor
– Day of counfusion and crapness
+ Year 12 common room
+ Hackey
+ Talking to Michael
– Getting Michael into trouble
– Not doing enough work
– April’s knee reconstruction
+ I have my Antiskeptic CD again
+ Koorong sale
– I am a loser
+ Chicken noodle soup for dinner
+ I finally found my Dvorak CD
– I am stupid for not finding it earlier

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