Narelle got me an anti-exam-stress mascot and gave it to me on behalf of the girls at netball. They are so cool. Loud, and sometimes very difficult to handle because the squeal and yell, but they are also very cool. And they play so well now.

This morning was cool, I went to band, because I’m a bit retarded. And then there were only six of us in the library studying for Geography until second period… it was good having so much space and quiet. At recess Tiff and Feiyi and I got chips, but we made ourselves sick cause we had too many. The exam was a bit terrible. : (

Philip and I acted like deros this afternoon.

Yeah, we sort of got bored and went crazy with the camera.

The writing on my ceiling.

One day this record player will rightfully returned to my room.

Mum’s family photo (she’s on the right. I mean left.)

Uh, this is my brother.

This is me.

There is a hole in our ceiling.

After all that, we watched TV. And we worked out the ultimate screencapping technique!

Lizzy Maguire (Please don’t laugh at me)

The Simpsons


6 thoughts on “

  1. haiiroko

    martin has a comfortable looking cage. your mascot is a cuddly looking bear. your house looks cool.

    I like the letter C. so descriptive. =3

  2. martn

    hahahah!!! omygosh!! you’re so adorable!!! =D
    i love your randomness in picture taking =)

    and i love the cute little teddy bear!!

  3. Alison Post author

    Don’t thank me, Thank the Internet! And Flynn.

    I shouldn’t have read it, though because now I will write an essay like his, and it will be stealing.


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