If you read my last entry, you would have seen the hole in my ceiling. This is because some of our lights don’t work. We have taken to eating dinner my the light of our oil lamp and remaining lightbulbs. Tonight our lamp went insane. I lit it and only half the wick caught alight. And then the flame went blue (not supposed to happen), and hovered 2 centimetres above the wick (also not supposed to happen). And then it went out. And came on again. And went out. And came on again. And the room smelt feral like very bad smelling oil. Stupid lamp.

This afternoon, I went for a bike ride to Ewen Park to get away from study. It was a good afternoon for reminiscing.

I went past where Nimilote dropped his hat in the river.

I went past [MY] sugar mill. *looks smug* I say it is mine, because part of me owned that sugar mill, as my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, Ralph Mayer Robey no less, cofounded the Colonial Sugar Refinery co. (also known as CSR sugar) and bought it off Mr Child and Mr Kemble, and I have his genes. Although obviously I didn’t inherit the stupidity that caused him to sell his share.

I went past “Tomislav’s Restaurant” also known as “The Spirit oif the River’s restaurant, also known as the place where they docked the boats at the Sugar mill, also very much full of gunk and rubbish and bad smell.

I went past Kate Walker’s old house which had an attic where you pulled the stairs out of the ceiling.

Who remembers the time when we went riding and Eleanor rode over a nail and punctured her tyre and we had to wait for ages for someone to pick us up?

On the way home, I was praying, and I realised that I’ve spent practically a fifth of my entire high school lunch time going to Stive. Which is weird when you think about it. But then I realised how fantastic it is that I can, in a public school, spend a fifth of all lunch time during high school in fellowship and worship. I didn’t realise how much I took it for granted, especially when christians in so many other countries aren’t allowed to meet in school, or aren’t even allowed to meet at all. That’s a bit sad… both about me taking it for granted and other people not being able to worship. 😦


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  1. ex_absurditi6

    Who remembers the time when we went riding and Eleanor rode over a nail and punctured her tyre and we had to wait for ages for someone to pick us up?

    I do. I also remember how angry my parents were when they found out. Oh I was in so much trouble.

  2. albatrossy

    yay for fun bike riding!!! havent done that it ages. n i think i remember that ride too…lol, ok, maybe not. hmmm, but yes. that is cool…Stive is cool.. thanks trmendously for being organiser-extrordinare. n now u noe u were takin it for granted so u can adequatelyt express ur gratitude in dance and song…i shall join u and we shall be crazy together. with the added bonus of stress-relief too.


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