Well I declare!

I hereby do tell of a revival of many obsessions all at once (during trials, no less).

x LOVE x Thankyou to Eleanor.
x L’Arc~En~Ciel x Thankyou to Mystery.
x Hey Arnold x Thankyou to Nickelodeon.
x The works of Jane Austen, most notably Persuasion x Thankyou to Pemberley, the ABC and the janeasutenfans community.

And my family went to see the Penrith/Canterbury game, and left me with the house. So that was nice, watching Persuasion, whilst grating a freddo with a dinner knife to sprinkle on my icecream. Mmmmm. For the first time, I felt like crying when I watched it. It’s just so sad that she has to sit there and watch him flirt with the stupid girls, and suddenly she means nothing to him. 😥

Admiral Croft: [To Captain Wentworth] And what would a young men like yourself be doing ashore? [To Anne] When a man has no wife, he wants to be afloat again.
Captain Wentworth: Well, that is right, I had no wife in the year ’06.

Hmmm… In two years, it will be the 200th anniversary of their break up.
I am exactly 200 years younger than Anne.

Well, u– um, can we come up and have a look?

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Open a Google image search.
Type in “Peter Kaye.”
That first picture?
That is my father.


8 thoughts on “Well I declare!

      1. Alison Post author


        Well I do hope that you enjoy it.

        Please don’t get bogged down in the first two or three chapters, for they are incredibly boring. I give you permission to skim them if the need arises.

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