i be a pirate

Well I went to my email and I had a million comment from LJ people (ok, perhaps a little but of embellishment) and they were nearly all comments from entries I made months ago. Is it just that suddently many people were inspired to re read my journal or is my email crazy?

Yes, one more exam! And then it’s off to the Kilgour Quad to stalk year 10’s and then it’s off to Blockbuster to rent Persuasion and then it’s lovely lovely internet time without any guilt about not studying (I’ll just ignore Frontline / Cold War assessments for a couple of days).

And I’m so going to feel wonderful tomorrow at about 12:05.

Oh my, if this is what I feel like about trials, imagine how great the last day of HSC will feel.


10 minutes on…

Stupid McStupid.

God must be laughing his head off now. ACtually more like shaking it in disdain.

Yes Lord, I am a loser. Stop rubbing it in.
Meh. What am I doing?
I am being an idiot. Please make me stop.

This really isn’t fair.
Wait. Yes it is.

I hate it when Ken’s right.


11 thoughts on “Yar!

  1. haiiroko

    I got that too! well some for ages ago and some from just then! what’s up with that?

    anyway I agree! even though I’ll still have AH on friday…it’s gonna feel so good not to have tests anymore! EVER. (until the HSC which I’m not counting, just because)

      1. haiiroko

        add to that the AH writing task I have to do. add to that the VA Body of work I have to hand in. Add to that the English ext 2 project that I have to finish.

        *pats on back* see? it could be worse. You could be me! =D

  2. albatrossy

    Yay for pirate-hood. Avas!
    u aint a loser….or r u? what happened?:S lol, as if u would ever be a loser.
    i can just imagine last day of HSC…i will come home in glorious singing/dancing mode…and go to sleep probably =) yay! i love sleep. take the w/e off, its what w/e’s r for. mwhahahaha! i shall see u on this beautiful saturday coming up. a beautiful exam free saturday =)

    1. mmaster

      There was something on the lj maintainance board about it, I think. I only know that coz I was helping a friend of mine work out how to use LJ friends, and when he started, that was all he had as a friend.

      Um, yeah.


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