No more trials. Forever and ever.

I started watching old Persuasion today, and I swear, it is the very worst thing I’ve seen on television. So many times I wanted to put my fist through the screen, because the acting was just so terrible and the costuming was such an eyesore and the actors were really really ugly.

The new version of Persuasion takes 10 minutes for Sir Walter to leave for Bath and the story to get rolling. This version takes 45 minutes.

I still have half the film to go.

A Questionaire

*In manner of 2BL’s “Norman”*
Multiple-mulitple-multiple choice: A, B, C

Which best appeals to YOU?

a. b. c.

Captain Wentworth
a. b. c.

a. b. c.

a. b. c.

a. b. c.

Sir Walter
a. b. c.

Admiral Croft
a. b. c.

Mostly a’s
You are absolutely fantastic. This is because you can recognise and appreciate beauty.

Mostly b’s
You are an idiot. You are living in the 70s. And not the cool 70’s either, but the ugly ugly side of the 70s.

Mostly c’s
You are a purist who thinks that no book should ever be made into film. And hey, I guess that’s OK. At least you didn’t get mostly b’s.

How mad is this song (the Beatles one)? That riff… everytime the song starts, it makes me want to dance.


4 thoughts on “

  1. parsnip

    *anorak mode activated*

    I for one would like to complain about the ridiculous High Victorian hairstyles in the 70s version. Where their historical researchers blind or just terminally stupid?

    Additional note – There is no way a regency dressmaker would have been able to achieve colours as stupidly psychadelic as Elizabeth’s dress with the dyes available at the time.

    All in all, I think a bullet through the researchers’ heads would be the kindest thing.

    Thank you for your time. *bows*

    *anorak mode cancelled*


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