LOOK LOOK!! I am on the interent in the middle of the day. In my house. During office hours! Because Dad finally got us our own line so we don’t have to leech the net off his office anymore!

Ok, my ties to Ashbury are way too strong. Ms D’Arrigo, one of the teachers, is on maternity leave, and Mum’s volunteered my free day to umpire the PSSA netball team. Which is cool in a way, because I like Ashbury. But it’s still weird. And I love my little Ashbury friends so much, but it’ll be weird umpiring them and not being allowed to yell at them when they do something wrong. I won’t be their coach. I’ll be displaced. 😦 How sad.

And I won’t be able to act like a 12 year old either. Mum made that very clear when she told me to come up. So I’m just going to have to act like a teacher, and they’ll hate me because I won’t be hanging with them, I’ll have to make small talk with some random casual teacher called Lisa. Pffft. It’s not even a teacher I know.

I’m not going to the Muse. Please don’t kill me. I will be there next week to give you love and smile like a maniac, as I do.


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