For anyone not yet there, go join the hscstudents community.

Victory for my little team (and my big team). We both beat Petersham by large amounts. And there was much rejoicing!

With James Fong… There was a little too much video watching, but it was still good to meet with everyone. And eat. And meet Rob, who is very cool.

This morning was pretty drawn out. I was helping Philip with his two month overdue Geography assignment that mum is spitting chips over. He is such a pain at times, he’d just sit there and stare at the page without doing anything. It was very boring. The rest of the day has been a half hearted attempt at learning about Detente. What a waste. It’s back to classes tomorrow. I should have done something interesting.

Georgia’s cleaning her room. I left a lot of junk there when I moved into my room, so now it’s all resurfacing and being piled up around me. Which is good and bad – Bad because I don’t want to have all this junk and good because she found…




4 thoughts on “

  1. ex_absurditi6

    oh! that just made me so unbearably happy i think i may cry.
    i’ll bring my possum Musing and you bring yours and we can relive our childhood. oh! i should be studying, but this just made everything better. thank you.


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