Damn Hsc Students forum… now there are a million entries on my friends page of people listing what subjects they do.

I hate class. Trials really spoiled me… all those days of sitting at home between exams pretending that school didn’t exist. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the assessments next week. But I should end this thought… this is the reason Lucy created the hscstudents community in the first place.

I brought the Crying Out Loud CD for Anna today, and she chucked a fit of happiness. I caught the bus with her and Monica and she was listening to it on my discman and going crazy as we danced.

Chris invited me to Ashfield so we could relive the old times of shared kebabs and the Society for the Security of the Super Secret Special Spot. I miss him so much, and I hope we do it again. I’m so bad at ordering kebabs. Today was the first good kebab I’ve had in so long.

Jon lent me his Shostakovich CD again, and I intend to listen to it as my bedtime music to induce crazy dreams of one of my favourite imaginings – floating down a river in the middle of the night on a flat boat with a string quartet.


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    1. Alison Post author

      I’m sure you know, just have another name. They’re a lebanese food with either shaved beef or chicken or felafel (some sort of vegetarian version of something that I’ve never tried). And the meat is rolled up with tomato and lettuce and tabouli and hommus and onion and cheese (if your willing to pay an extra 40c), in lebanese bread. And then if you get it from genuine kebab place, they toast it, and then put it in a kebab shaped paper bag and you eat it.

      It’s like a lebanese burrito or souvlaki or whatever… heaps good when Chris orders it, because I always forget to ask them to leave the onion off.


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