Today I:

♫ Found my reference sheet
♫ Frustrated my flute teacher
♫ Saw the trombone player from crying out loud walk out of UTS, almost causing me to get off the bus and stalk him
♫ Bought the following:

Yes yes, how cool am I? Two George Roy Hill soundtracks on record. I embarrassed Jon by becoming very loud excited over a lame looking record (really, how much more lame can you get than a sketchy 1970s/80s style illustration of two 13 year olds kissing?) in the middle of a shop. Oooh! Hooray! I thought I was going to have to order it from Amazon, BUT NOW I FOUND IT MYSELF!

And the other one is The Sting. Whooo Scott Joplin!

So that’s two more soundtracks off my soundtrack-record-to-buy list:
A Little Romance
The Sting
▪ Kismet (with Howard Keel)
▪ Singing in the rain (with Gene Kelly)
▪ High Society (with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra)
▪ Kiss Me Kate (with Howard Keel)

Philip is still playing Jet.

He is a retard.


8 thoughts on “

    1. Alison Post author

      If you don’t go to the muse, who will tell the others that I can’t go? I must post in JUST THINK PORK! 😦 How sad.

      I love you.


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