A Very exciting morning, and it’s only 9:20.

John did his “Too many flutes” thing and told us to reorganise so there were only two of us playing the Mozart and the Jupiter. Sarah and I jumped in really quickly and got the Mozart. I sort of feel bad for stealing it off the others, but they got to play the other Mozart last year. And Dvorak. So, it all balances out. So I get to play with Sarah and we get to play lovely music. Hooray!

I really realy want to go somewhere and listen to lous music. Damn Library.
I can’t find my L’Arc~en~ciel CD. *bursts into tears*
I can’t wait til August 21.
I can’t wait til September 30.

I want to dance and sing forever, because I am happy.


27 thoughts on “

  1. ex_absurditi6

    this morning i have:
    drunk lots of tea
    eaten coffee cake
    watched bill and ted’s excellent adventure
    and done lots of other good things besides, none of them involving study.

    i hope the rest of your day is just as enjoyable.

      1. Alison Post author

        awww, I’m sure it is.

        I have a suprise for you on saturday. Shhhh (it’s not that big a deal, so don’t get too excited).

  2. slightlytolkien

    yay! you are happy this morning too! lol. im going to miss playing flute. we had so many in our band that the balance was offff…upside down triangle thing as the teacher said. im not taking music in hs. =/

  3. haiiroko

    awww no Laruku? I suggest you check out the Cicadas…They’ve been running rampant ever since you gave them ideas about joining forces and carting off Hyde. Perhaps it’s all part of their plan to replace the CD with the P’unk~en~ciel version where Tetsu sings…


    it’s too early in the morning I must go back to sleep….


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