Mummy, I don’t like kidney beans, they make it taste powdery!

I love Finding Nemo. Mr Strauss was showing to a year 8 class next door to our Geography class and we could hear it through the walls as Ms Ireland was trying to dictate. My notes don’t make any sense because I wasn’t listening to half of it. She let us out early and we snuck into the other class and watched about 40 seconds of it before the bell went.

Kate Goudie was at school. I hadn’t seen her since year 9. She came to geo and to STIVE. It was weird cause I was doing the talk, I was teaching the person who taught me. That has never happened before. And do you know what’s wonderful?
At the end when we were talking, she didn’t just say: “Good job”. She said: “That was great! You said something I’d never thought of before. It really got me thinking.”
But something is frustrating. I can spend some timn with God, and within half an hour churn out a very relevant 10 minute talk with hardly any research and keep an audience listening AND learning. Yet it takes me a few weeks to read enough on Frontline, and days to write a speech, and I’ll tell you now, no one will listen.
Why can’t God help me with my English homework?

Our end of season netball party was this afternoon. All the chilluns assembled at Narelle’s and we ate lots of food, and I acted like a true 12 year old. A pseudo true 12 year old. There was lots of running around and telling jokes and being noisy. And when that got too much, I talked to the mothers and answered questions about school and what I want to do next year. Children are so much more interesting than adults.

They gave me a beautiful card, and they all want me to come back next year. So do I. I will be very angry if the uni timetable doesn’t work. I gave them certificates that McDonalds donated (*rolls eyes*), and said a speech for each one. They replied with a poem that they wrote for me. I think that they made it up on the spot.

There once was a girl called Ally
Whose MSN name was Spally
She was the best coach
And wasn’t afraid of a roach
That wonderful girl called Ally

Should I stay up for the opening ceremony?


6 thoughts on “Mummy, I don’t like kidney beans, they make it taste powdery!

  1. albatrossy

    that’s so cool. finding nemo!!!! i wanna watch again. lol.
    i love the poetry. The difference between God stuff and frontline, is frontline is stupid. i should be doing that now:S….ah well, ta taa

  2. Alison Post author

    There was a replay this afternoon.

    My dad is sucha nerd, he got up at 3am and watched the whole thing and stuck Greek flags on our TV…


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