ARgh, damn webpage where my picture came from is GONE, so that’s the end of my LJ layout. Time to get a new one. Someone teach me how to do something cool. Please? I’ll love you forever.

Day one of Olympics and they’re already pissing me off. Well, not the olympics, but the attitude of everyone. Nearly everything I’ve heard people say about it today has been comparing it to Sydney. And often coming to the conclusion that either Sydney was better, or Athens ripped all their ideas off Sydney. Why can’t everyone get over themselves?

I had an awful day at netball. My little team got thrashed and my big team played REALLY terribly, which is bad because semis are next week. And to top it off, I had to umpire. And to top it off, I had to umpire people from Burwood girls, who I played last year. And to top it off, I was embarrassingly crap because I haven’t umpired for about 4 years, and I feel really stupid. But then I got money for it. Yay, $20 richer!

I fell over and I bled. And I got scratched. My hands are still stinging, even though they didn’t bleed much. It’s so annoying. I hate grazes, and all that dry-pointy-stinging dead skin they leave. My scratches are on my wrist. They will add to my netball scars (mostly from games against Balmain High) that make me look like I don’t know how to commit suicide.

Stupid netball. I realised today how ridiculous netball-culture is. Nearly every player between 14 and 18 is exactly what I do not want to be. They bring their boyfriends, I assume because they think their boyfriends will like to watch them play in short skirts. But I think that the guys watch everyone play in short skirts, girlfriend or not. And all netball boyfriends look exactly the same.
The girls who wear their netball uniforms all morning, even though they don’t play until 3:00, so they can strut around showing lots of leg. They style their hair for games. And wear make up. It’s sport!! ARGH!
Stupid stupid stupid.

Of course I’m generalising, not everyone’s like that, just most of them. Even so, to have have a netball association of twits is very scary.

Yeah, netball rant.


*Back to history. Please teach me about Detente.*


14 thoughts on “

  1. albatrossy

    ^what mysty said.
    many many girls are stupid and dress all the time to show off their body, all i can say is im thankful that you arent one of them, and realise the shallowness of it all.

  2. haiiroko

    I can help you with it! if you give me a pic you wanna use as your bg then i can upload it to my site if you want. I could also give you a bit of code to stick in if you wanted to make the bg fixed so it doesn’t scroll and stuff like that. =3

    netball sounds like fun. I suggest just tripping the bimbos when they prance past. >=D Of course you must trip them with your Amazing Mental Powers(tm) so you don’t get into any trouble. *nod nod*

    1. Alison Post author

      I suggest just tripping the bimbos when they prance past.

      I don’t have that many legs.

      And my picture is GONE. Disappeared forever. Damn internet.

  3. duckyliciousss

    the “sydney was better” olypic crap is anoying.
    theyre also going on about how good the aussies looked at the openeing ceremony… come on! the “uniform” looks stoopid! and to add to that, theyre selling the green jacket crap thingies for $4000 on tv. who would wanna buy that crapo thingo?

    anywho, bimbos are annoying and dumb. trip those you can and ignore the rest 😛

    1. Alison Post author

      Netball was invented in England as “women’s basketball”. You still shoot a ball in a hoop, but there’s no backboard. You can’t bounce the ball, you just throw it from one person to the other. Um… there are 7 people on the court at once, and they each have different positions, and different places on the court that they have to stay in – no one is allowed free roam over the whole court. Only two designated people per team can shoot goals.

      It’s heaps of fun, although inferior to basketball in someways. But i prefer it, because I am bad at basketball.

      Australia and New Zealand are constantly fighting over who gets to be the world champion. It’s NZ at the moment. It’s really only played by British commonwealth countries. USA has a team, but they’re not very good.

  4. notforanyone

    i went to my little sisters netball game yesterday
    and you’re so right.

    the boys are everywhere looking at everyone.
    there wasa group making obnoxious noises everytime this one girl jumped, because her skirt would fly up.

    not that she was much help.
    she kept winking at them.

    shes fifteen.
    i was so bitching about netball culture in my head while i was watching all this.
    we are one brain in two people.
    see you saturday


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