Alison is greater than or equal to the stupidest cynic in the world

Well it’s day 3 of the olyimpcs and our reborn Greekness. Why didn’t I see this coming? Yaiya and Papou and Aunty Fay and Uncle Mauro are over to watch some Greece and eat afternoon tea. Yaiya and Papou were a half hour early, as usual. Papou was very excited about Dad’s TV flags and my ability to saw “How are you” in greek.

Aunty Fay is wonderful. She’s a cynic too. Except in a different way. She thinks that I’m her real daughter, and somewhere along the line my personality got switched with my cousin’s or something.

I left them eating olives and cheese so I could write my English speech. I came out half an hour later and Yaiya had staged a hostile takeover, evicting my mum from the kitchen so she could cook loukoumades. Loukoumades are little balls of batter which are drenched in honey with nuts sprinkled on them. When we went to Greece, I ate so many of them that I was sick for ages, and now everytime I smell them I feel sick again. So, yeah, walking into the kitchen was a bit of a shock. I stuck to the very english looking pikelets with jam and cream. Hehe! I am an imperial elitist.

I was so GOOD this morning. I wrote a whole essay on Detente! And I have been working on Frontline for two hours and have written about 100 words. Damn Greece. Damn Livejournal.


3 thoughts on “Alison is greater than or equal to the stupidest cynic in the world

  1. _onesecond_

    oooh pikelets!!!!

    I wish I could cook… but i mean, i tried to make pasta today, and it was even one of those ready-made fool proof things, and i screwed it up, its completely inedible.

    And now, I’m hungry.


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