Epilepsy Light

Our flourescent bathroom light had kicked the bucket. After flickering for 3 days, it finally shut down. We have been left to shower and be clean in a room lit by a small light in the corner, whose only purpose up to now has been to reveal the interior of the linen press.

I had so much to say before, but suddenly I feel like nothing has happened. Actually, this is good. Last night, I stayed awake trying to think of things to write here. I thought of so much. And then I told myself to stop, because I will not let this take over my thought patterns and start thinking in LiveJournal anecdote style. Phew.

Our McDonalds performing arts final was good. I don’t care whether we played good or bad. But I am happy for our conductor, Chris. After everything he’s put up with all year, people dropping out because he’s not as cool as Phil, and people back chatting in rehersals, and people not showing up to performances – I hope he feels good about getting us from sincerely crap to finals standard. The best part about it was that he didn’t push us at all. Last rehersal, we watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where Bugs was conducting one of the pieces we were playing. And when Chris got up on stage, he made us stand up with him, and then tapped his baton in a very Bugs Bunny like manner. His conducting was hilarious, I almost started laughing while I was playing.

It would be nice if we got a prize, but the I don’t think I care, we played so much better than normal, and even though I had to miss drama night for it, it was good.

Saturday is tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Epilepsy Light

  1. pinhead22886

    Is Chris that fish handshake guy who used to conduct MY band at North Sydney Boys?! Or was that a different guy? :S That’s right, I used to play in the concert band! Shut up! Stop laughing at me! 😛

    1. Alison Post author

      Ha! Clarinet Brad!!
      (do I have the right instrument?)

      (Chris does not have a fish handshake. Although he may have taught at NSBHS.)


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