NINE words!

Yes. You read that right! Nine words in the cryptic crossword. Go us.

We had pseudo father’s day/alison’s birthday last night, cause Dad left for the Solomons this afternoon. It’s good that he has a contract again, but now he’ll be overseas heaps again. Oh well. It’s better than him stressing out cause of unemployment.

Today was fine, just fine. Classes have really fallen over, it just doesn’t seem useful at all, even though there’s still heaps to learn. But the boringness of class is balanced out with the goodness of everything and everyone else. I spent recess with a couple of friends preparing the passage we were discussing at lunch. It was cool that when I looked at it with the guys on friday, I didn’t really understand how I could teach it, but at recess it all became much clearer.
My group at lunch was hard, because they were half year 7’s and half yr 12’s, and we had to pitch the discussion at two different levels. But thank God it all worked out, everyone seemed to get stuff. Aaron came. That was cool. He was very very helpful.

It’s one month til Blackstump. Hooray!


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