New cryptic record

Ste and I got 10 words in the cryptic today. It was actually pretty sad, because I’d been looking at the puzzle all morning and then in English, Ste got 5 answers as easy as pi and I felt very stupid. But that’s ok, I found another one when I got home, so now we are even!

School has become incredibly boring. I wish the teachers would just bite the bullet and let us jig. No one is paying any attention in class anyway. Everyone seems to prefer being bored out of their brains staring (or climbing, as the case may be) out of windows and talking about very trivial things, rather than constructively learning. It’s almost over, for crying out loud, I wish they’d let us have fun in the last few weeks! It makes me sad that this is the last time I’ll be spending with many of these people, but it’s going by in the most uninspiring way. Stupid school. Make me happy, dammit.

16 Days ’til Blackstump!!

7 thoughts on “New cryptic record

  1. duckyliciousss

    well we get to see the majority of year 12 at the formal as well as seeing everyone at exams. so not the last time we’ll be together but yeah.

    joel keeps saying “ha! i have a few day less left of school than you!” and to that i can only say that i have the better deal. i dun wanna leave. despite the work and hsc-ness and all, its better than alot of things and theres all our friends…

    so yeah, know how you feel.

    1. Alison Post author

      Flynn, if you do not leave me alone, I will sing endless Don Spencer and Gilbert and Sullivan, and then I will beat you 5 times over in Bio with YOUR notes and then I will cease to be your friend.

      Seriously, it’s getting old, and I wish you’d be quiet.


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