Today was quite fulfilling in a few aspects. I only attended one and a half classes, because we held a cake stall to raise money for the families affected by the Russian hostage thing, and I weasled my way into helping out. Arranging cakes is much better than maths and pricing cakes is better than English, and eating cake is certainly better than half of Modern History.

We had our last discussion group. I’m assuming it’s our last, cause we are having our last STIVE on Friday. I didn’t realise it was the last until I was talking with my friend on the way home. It’s enough to make me very sad normally, but it’s hard to be sad about something so fantastic. To finish up with school means finishing up with our ministry there, aiyi, but looking back on everything God’s done while we’ve been there is fantastic. The knowledge that he’s going to keep working when we go is great. The year 10s have amazing plans for everything, the younger kids are so enthusiastic. 😀 It’s been excellent, and it’s going to continue excellently.

I got my Ls, finally, so that is done and out of the way. Whooo!

Thankyou for everyone who said hi to Ste (post_humourous).

Bollywood tomorrow.
Crying Out Loud Friday.
Party Saturday.
14 Days ’til Blackstump!!

By the way, if you are reading, Flynn, referrences to God are not an invitation for you to post links to Christian fundamentalist/spoof webpages.


9 thoughts on “

    1. Alison Post author

      You wanna come? Ste and Kay and Emma and I are going tomorrow night. It’s from, I think 9 – midnight, at Fox Studios. Ask steson, he knows stuff about it, I’m just tagging along.

  1. albatrossy

    CONGRATS!!!!! you are now part of the rocking chair club!!! cause you rock!!! 😀 anyway, congrats. im bloody ballistically proud of you:P how good is crying out loud:D


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