I liked today, because it had DYNAMICS.

4 new people learnt how to play 500 (a game infinately better than hearts). I played cards instead of attend Geography. It was a very lazy day.

Last Stive. I waffled a bit when I got to talk, but, meh, too late to complain now. There were over 40 kids there, Michael and Andrew and Anna are going to have heaps of fun looking after all of them :S. We gave everyone New Testaments and we ate food and now I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without fellowship with those guys. I really can’t wait to get into ministry at uni.

^ Some of the year 12s, who will never be in stive again *sheds a tear*

Perhaps you might have picked up on my enthusiasm about seeing Crying Out Loud. Alas, it fell through. Mum told me this mornign that maybe I shouldn’t go, so I formulated a brilliant plan to get home from the cafe early and help with housework, and then ask her if I could go. All this before 5:30, when I had to call Brad to confirm whether or not I could make it. It all ran smoothly until the bus from Summer Hill came late and then went at the speed of dark, so I got home with about 3 minutes to convince my mum to let me go. Argh, but as soon as I got in the house it was obvious I wan’t going anywhere. Mum had a black eye because she had got hit in the face with the car door, and the was almost in tears because she had stuffed up a cake she was making. And she was angry at me for being late home… :S

What followed was 4 hours of cooking and cleaning for tomorrow. Woohoo. The weird thing was, I enjoyed it. There’s something satisying about cleaning – only if you’ve got music playing, of course. But now I am tired. Pffftttt.


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  1. albatrossy

    im sorry about crying out loud, but i hope you realise what this means. I CAN COME NEXT TIME!!!!! cause (hopefully) by then i will be 18 and we can go rampaging through the pubs. stive rocks. thanks soo much for running it all these years. you did a great job. 🙂

  2. pinhead22886

    But was the cooking and cleaning better than coming to the pub with ME?! 😥 Ah well, I called in sick for work tonight (and by sick I mean “sick”) so that I can come to your fantasmagorical party! 😀

    1. Alison Post author

      yeah… somewhere.
      Behind the girl in the sesame street shirt, not in the front or the back, but in the middle. Sorry if you can’t work it out, it’s hard to explain.

    1. Alison Post author

      I’m sorry :S I momentarily thought you were someone else. And during that moment I wrote a reply.
      But look – the comment has been deleted to mask my stupidity!


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