I am tidying up ends before I go to Blackstump tomorrow!

So my tidying up entry goes:

1> I hate the HSC
2> I’ve been studying – go me
3> Ok, I haven’t actually. It’s taken me three days to finish the 2002 maths trial paper they gave us because I kept getting distracted.
4> Mum won’t let me do anything aside from study, because of stump. I can’t even use the internet for MSN and livejournal. Damn sacrificing socialising. But blackstump will be worth it.
5> HSC Online has saved me. I have it open whenever I’m on the computer so when mum comes in I switch to in depth biology notes (how good is HSC online for bio study??)
6> For any Fort Street people who didn’t know, Kenny’s put up a web page for photos here: If you click here, you go to Kenny’s Fort Street photos webpage~!!!!!!!11 If you go to the forum, he’s written stuff about how to look at and post up photos.
7> I miss everyone and I am sad that I won’t see school people again.
8> Everyone start working. Go, do some maths or something so you don’t forget things.

LESS THAN A DAY ‘TIL BLACKSTUMP!! WEll, til I leave for Blackstump.


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