I’m brimming over with happiness and sadness, because Blackstump happened, but now it’s finished. And I know that I complained about falling into mud puddles and all my clothes getting wet, and running a shop in a swamp so that all the merch got muddy, and not being able to shower properly, and the tent leaking for two nights, and going to bed freezing and waking up in an oven, and having my fingernails, the soles of my feet and my snot turn black.

But none of that could dampen the greatness of it all. Here is what outweighs this supposed badness:

> The kids from my church
> Sarah Jackie and Claire
> The Narwee girls, who are the best, because they love and they are happy and they let me sit down and eat.
> Crying Out Loud concerts
> Dancing to go_roko
> Tripping myself over
> a girl called Sarah who stood up to pray for me. The words just spilt out of her mouth and she said everything perfect, everything I needed to hear. I have never seen the spirit move someone like that, and I’m honoured that God did that for me.
> Singing for our dinner
> Dave from Crying Out Loud serenading me in the Stump shop
> Last Blind Blackstump concert 😥 So much fun, but so sad to see them leave
> The people I kept running into – “Chicken”, Maryana from Russia, “Greg”, Peter aka Petros, Tom, the emo/dreadlocks brothers, the Fido groupies: Hannah, Amy and Tara – they were all tops
> Our “Black Swamp” shirts
> Sore feet from too much dancing
> The guys from Serendipity, who are praying for me and Phil. They are excellent and God does excellent through them.
> Talking to Melanie from Crying Out Loud
> Lucy’s friend Megan, who found me in the shop
> Being undignified
> Being able to start a conversation with anyone you ran into
> Being able to hug anyone you ran into
> Shattering stereotypes of all shapes and sizes
> God

Me, Sarah, Jackie and Claire


Seen him before?

Crying Out Loud:

Bye Will… 😥


(It’s really the people who make it so fantastic)


13 thoughts on “

    1. Alison Post author

      You are so so there, and we will have good times.
      The scary no face man’s name is ringo. Sometimes he had a helicopter hat and a rubber chicken. And a face.


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