I absolutely forgot that hscstudents community existed. Sorry luce. I was so confused. And then I went to the community again, and one of STGH Camille’s posts, and one of Kate’s posts, and one of Daryia’s posts that I thought were normal ordinary not community connected posts were actually deeply rooted in HSCness.

I am so tired.

Today, I read my english notes for a bit and did one and a half questions on geometrical applications of calculus, or whatever that unit is called.

And then I saw William Wallace walk past my bedroom window and then I heard the doorbell and – CHEERS FOR EXCELLENT SPONTANEOUS FRIENDS. YOU MADE MY DAY.

Sonfest please.

And then miles of confusion voting conversation with Ken compacted into 20 minutes… so confused…

And then I went to the Muse and it was excellent because my girls are beautiful and then Dan and Jon came cause they were studying at Tim’s house and the girls talked about weird things like suiciding and g strings and celebrities and now Dan thinks that that is what we always talk about and he will laugh at me forever and seeing Jon was so good and I was so happy and then we caught a train to Bondi, scary dead girl story, and groovy bookshop, and chicken and chips, and cold sand, and loud waves, and finding south and hiding sand, and train to Newtown, and covering lies, and gelato, and weird Pepsi, and American Beauty – go me.

But now I am tired.

Did you know that if you write “go me” as one word, it spells “gome”?


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