Why doesn’t MSN work??

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!
Happy Birthday Liesl!!!

I saw Vanity Fair today. It was so colourful and beautiful in all its costuming and setting and filming. And I was suprised that they managed to fit the entire 636 page plot into two and a half hours. Sadly, the short length of the film left most of the characters with about as much depth as cardboard, and I’m resentful that they made me sorry for Becky, instead of shocked. Stupid hollywood and its humanising.
Anyway, good job Reese Witherspoon, I was skeptical, but you pulled it off. Except that you remained pregnant even after your child was born.


4 thoughts on “Why doesn’t MSN work??

  1. albatrossy

    yay for pregnancy, thats rather funny.
    and thank you darling. let’s go out..on wednesday to celebrate. even if only to celebrate the fact that its wednesday, which is much mroe preferable, random and really rather wierd when you stop and think about it…i should think about things more oftem….but its not as much fun….sizzle!!!!!!

  2. albatrossy

    🙂 thanks…do i get a birthday hug…or ur wonderful company…i miss you…i really want to break out and do something!!!!! like go for a random drive…KRISPY KREMES!!!!!!! ohmygosh!!! let’s go. it’d be so cool….unlikely to happen though…uinless we left earlyer than midnight…how bout after dinner….8O clock or so…hmmm…. weee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances in circles*….*staggers in triangles* i leanrt maths today:D:D:D:D:D i know the…something:P rule….possibly….maybe:P it has an a^2 in there somewhere…and a b……thats about it:P

  3. albatrossy

    congrats on ur mathsness. gome..i mean, go you. whats 4400??? oh, the muskateers r on tv….if only i hadnt come in halfway…and actually wanted to watch it:P. but yes, enjoy ur tv-ing. and have fun.


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