Stupid. Ken changed our board at the forum so that “Spanish Flea” plays in the background, and now it’s taken fifty million hours for each page to load. I think I will not post as much there until he takes it down, it’s driving me insane.

Today was OK, we went to school for bio seminar, which only went for 40 min cause Ms Eastment forgot about it or something. And afterwards, almost an hour in the coolness of the antique shop. 🙂
Flynn made me buy this:

But it’s ok, cause he paid for it 😛
I listened to it, and it seems like quality musci for Peter’s party. I am almost tempted to buy him a record player.


6 thoughts on “

  1. mmaster

    If you desperately want to look at the forums without music, you can always turn off your computer’s synthesiser. (It won’t make the page load any faster, but it’ll stop it playing ridiculous midis at you continuously.)

    Get hold of the sound control panel with like five volume sliders. You might have to click a button labelled “Advanced” -I don’t remember whether you do in earlier editions of Windows, you certainly do in XP). At the bottom of each slider, there is a “Mute” checkbox. Check the one under the slider labelled something along the lines of “Synthesiser” (It’d probably change, depending on your components). And, MAGICALLY, all is quiet once more…

    Have fun.

      1. mmaster

        … *blinks*

        Someone was STUPID enough to put a WAV file as BACKGROUND MUSIC to a WEBPAGE…???

        Wav files are HUGE! They’re uncompressed! I understand about the evil now.

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