Bec said: “Everyone must keep updating”
And I thought, of course, it’s not like I’m studying. And so I didn’t study. I devoured livejournals and forums and Jane Austen novel. But then I missed the updating part. Sorry Bec.

This morning, I went to my church cause they were cooking breakfast for the year 12s. This was to give us a break from studying and some time to hang out (even though I haven’t done enough work to warrant a break). It was fantastic. I’m not that close to most of the year 12s cause I was never allowed to go to youth group, thus my friends at church are mostly in yr 11 – the people I got confirmed with. But it was great just to be with people, even though I don’t talk to them much, they were still so friendly. Chris’ brother was there, that was weird cause he is just like Chris, but not.

Our youth guy, Drew, had written each of us a note with a prayer on it. I feel so happy, not cause praying will give me excellent marks or anything stupid like that, but just knowing that God is there regardless of how I do. No matter what my results are, he has things for me to do for him. I can’t wait to get through this to see where he’ll take me.


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  1. echowhatisnot

    That’s okay. Actually, on the contrary, I think you’re doing fabulously with the updating. I haven’t been able to sneak onto livejournal much, I feel like I’m letting the team down! (not that there is a team… but anyway)


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