Like this >>> :D

I have loved today. It’s been excellent. There was the writing of a feature article, which was completed in 45 minutes, which will have to do. There was the watching of Cheers. There was dancing to Crying Out Loud, and singing to Jars of Clay. There was a house to myself until 3:30.

My Dad came home and then took me out for coffee. We ended up the Muse, which was weird, Muse without Muse people is weird. When we came home, I decided I needed to go for a walk, so Mum and Georgia came with me, and that was nice too.

Mrs Rodi, who was my primary school librarian and lives down the street from me, gave me a flowers and a good luck card. But her flowers weren’t a bunch of flowers. They were living flowers in a pot. Mrs Rodi is lovely.

I’m incredibly happy and I can’t wait til tomorrow when I can do away with my Coleridge notes.


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