First glitch in my Post HSC goodness

Well there is a stumbling block already and the HSC isn’t even over.
My fruit shop, which I was intending to return to after the HSC for some money to fuel me to Queensland, has new management. This is bad, because I was hoping they would hire me because they knew me. But they won’t know me, and they will think me no better than the next person. Unless they just take me anyway because they are nice.
Booooooo! I hope that they will need me, and will hire me. I need some money and a job I can leave aftre two months. 😦

My handstanding seems to be coming along well.


7 thoughts on “First glitch in my Post HSC goodness

  1. nymphetamine

    to QUEENSLAND??? but WHY???

    the two months thing — I can’t bring myself to do this because i’m too hopelessly honest, but u can always not tell them ur leaving…and either spring it on them or just abandon employment. if u abandon employment, thing is ur not likely to get a reference:P

    1. Alison Post author

      I don’t want to work at Coles, because when I worked at the fruit place, I would walk past Coles every Thursday at 9, and every Sunday at 5:30. And I would be finished. And they would still be working for a long time. And I would think: “I’m glad I don’t work at Coles.”
      However it looks like I may have to try there if the new people won’t have me 😦

      1. the_bear_cub

        oh.. well more work = more money, so it works for you in this case doesn’t it?

        hrmm, but i don’t really know what it’s like, i’ve never really worked before 😀

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